Ben Flohr

Ben FlohrI never had the conscious intent to become a Certified Drum Circle Facilitator. When I first met Arthur I knew that this is something i want to do. And I knew that this is something I can be good in (though I didn't know what "to be good in" means in these regards).

I started to learn and I received several certificates of attendance. I became a "graduate". I attended 3days and 6days. And all those papers meant nothing to me. It was only the learning and the connection with other people.

I guess my biggest training by that time was to host Arthur for 12 days in his Drumabout Germany in 2016. Seeing him work in the real world did something to me. I've been another facilitator after this trip.

As another logical consequence I did my mentor in Scotland which was an intense experience. In this moment I have to thank Jim Boneau who turned my head upside down in these ten days. And I have to thank Paul John Dear who taught me so much about hospitality, friendship and about what really counts.

It came to me like a natural evolution when Arthur asked me to become one of his fellow VMC trainers. Another chance to learn. But becoming a certified FACILITATOR??? I had no idea what value this should have for me.

Arthur kicked me. And I did my homework. I wrote a logbook, I wrote essays... but I forgot to send them to Arthur 🙂 But finally here I am.

And I have to admit: Thinking about the tasks I had to complete in the certification process definitely was a big learning. Thanks Arthur for kicking my butt.

Thanks Arthur for teaching me so much about music, community and life. Thanks Jim Boneau for teaching me so much about myself. Thanks Paul John Dear for teaching me so much about the things that really matter. Thanks to all my amazing fellow VMC trainers for creating such safe space for this small German boy. And thanks to the people I love in the community. You know who you are.

Location: Germany