In response to the global lock-down, VMC Global Trainers found new ways to connect community using rhythm and our commitment to collaboration. The video below features over 250 people from 17 different countries, playing together while staying apart. We look forward to being of service as we reemerge from this period of isolation and help rebuild and revitalize our communities.

The VMC Certified Global DCFacilitation Trainer Team

VMC Global DCF Trainers

Front Row (Left to Right) Louis-Daniel Joly, John Yost, Jenni Swerdlow, Nellie Hill, Rhonwyn Hagedorn, Arthur Hull, Tomoko Yokota, Ashley Tisdale, Katy Gaughan, Kumi Masunaga

Back Row (Left to Right) Cameron Tummel, Mike Deaton, Steve Turner, Jim Boneau, John Hayden, Matthew Kline, Gail Jackson, Alan Bruni, Lucas Coffey, Benjie Williams, Mary Tolena, John Fitzgerald

VMC Global DCF Trainers

Front Row (Left to Right) Simon Faulkner, Roberto Narain, Harshil Chiostri, Arthur, Cameron Tummel, “SONG” Myoung-Hun, Vasundhara Das, Dr. Jane Bentley, Tomoko Yokota, Jim Boneau

Back Row (Left to Right) Paul Dear, Ben Flohr, John Hagedorn, Mikael Khei, Lars Kolstad, John Fitzgerald (not pictured Pau Gimeno)

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The Art of Drum Circle Facilitation Video

Arthur Hull narrates an overview of the 4-step Village Music Circles Drum Circle Facilitation protocol in this video featuring footage from drum circles at the Seattle World Rhythm Festival, Mac World and NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) conventions, and Arthur’s Playshop in Barcelona, Spain.

You can find the time stamps for the protocol steps here on the Village Music Circles website.

We All Just Need to Drum

A film by award-winning director, John Pritchard, produced by One Heart Movies at

Watch a trailer here: