Gail Jackson

Gail JacksonGail Jackson is a percussionist, Sound Artist Sound Practitioner, a Licensed Practitioner of Religious Science and a certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, IMTA, CMT-P.

Gail began her drumming career in 2007 at Born to Drum Camp in CA. She attended her first Hawaii Playshop in 2012 and that's when she new being a drum circle facilitator was for her and AKrhythmdrum was born.
Gail applied for grants to get funding to purchase the instruments for the drumming circles with: with the Special Needs population, the well Elderly, youth centers, prisons, grief camp, children’s’ library, birthday parties, and community events.

Gail believes that Rhythm Church planted the seed for Gail's next chapter in her life's journey. Gail attend a sound bath and was taken in by the vibrational power and realigning energy of the gongs. She is a 2017 Individual Artist in Performance Art from the Rasmuson Foundation. She was also a performer and female panelist at the first ever Gong Summit in 2019, thanks to her gong mentor Mike Tamburo.

With a longing to take her spiritual practices deeper Gail received her Mindfulness Teaching Certification to teach mindfulness practices through Engaged Mindfulness Institute. She is also a facilitator of Music Medicine.

Location: Anchorage, Alaska USA