Harshil Filippo Chiostri

Drum Circle Spirit

Harshil has been facilitating Drum Circles since 2008. He is a VMC Drum Circle Facilitator, Mentor, and Trainer. He is member of the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild.

Since his early childhood he has studied piano—first through classical piano and then rock and modern piano.

In 1995, he first touched a pair of congas and fell in love with the sound, the feeling, and the touch—there begins the adventure of playing bongos, congas and djembe, as a deep satisfying way of expressing himself.

Meanwhile he started playing Didgeridoo, jumping into a world of sound in which rhythmical music becomes the main means to be rooted in life itself, to grow in freedom and creativity.

He then played as a performer for 10 years in the biggest dance clubs of Italy, and, while deepening his connection with rhythm and music as tools for self-discovery, he also had begun to play in the holistic community.

Since then he has facilitated music for both meditation and shamanic retreats—in partnership with italian and international musicians—and has also recorded music for Trance Dance and Shamanic Journey, like the albums “Forget Your Limitations” and “Shaman’s Return.”

These days the thing he loves the most, is to share music in the moment during facilitated drum circles. He continues to study traditional music such as African drumming.

His journey in the world of meditation and self-discovery since 2002 has brought him to be co-director of a residential center for meditation and expansion of human potential, Podere Amarti, located in the beautiful Tuscan countryside. Here, he also facilitates monthly drum circles and drum circle intensive retreats.

In the field of shamanism, he has been a certified Trance Dance presenter since 1997, and he facilitates individual sessions of Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval.

He teaches active meditation techniques from the World of Osho, and empathic communication techniques according to Manitonquat’s school, The Circle Way.

He is a graduate in Systemic and Family Constellations, Ritual Constellations, Somatic Experiencing Trauma Healing Work, and Essential Life Consulting/Coaching.

In 2008, inspired by Arthur’s teachings and amazed by his books, he founded “Drum Circle Spirit” in Italy, as a means to offer facilitated Drum Circles to all kinds of populations, communities, schools, and companies.

"In years of activity as a percussionist I have been able to verify how drums, played in an open and receptive mode, are positively influencing many aspects of one's own life.

Drumming helps us to expand and integrate many seemingly opposite qualities but actually complementary, such as those belonging to the two hemispheres of our brain, logical and intuitive, and those of the human mental, emotional and spiritual world.

When I discovered the existence of Arthur Hull and VMC facilitated Drum Circles I had an immediate jolt of joy!— finally a fast and intuitive way in which I could propose the same kind of learning and spiritual experience that I had by myself, but now to a group of people without any previous experience, thanks to the power of the collective energy field revealed by the facilitation, by the experience “made easy”!

So, I love to present and teach Drum Circle facilitation, both to improve the life of any individual who has lost touch with their own rhythm and its benefits, and as a model for Community and Team Building for groups of all kinds.

I look forward to meeting you, drumming together, and sharing with you the amazing teachings, instruments and techniques I received from Arthur, so that together we can make this Earth a more beautiful place to live, in peace, joy and brotherhood.”


Location: Podere Amarti, Marti (Pi), Tuscany, Italy
Email: info@drumcirclespirit.it

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