John Hayden

John HaydenJohn Hayden is an adventure traveler with artisan friends around the world that create rhythm instruments for his company Jamtown®. Since 1995 (~25 years!) he facilitates in-the-moment, hands-on rhythm play for youth, community and business. His daughter Lily, now 12, showed him that none of that stuff works on 2 year old’s. Since then he also writes & performs kids music with ukulele and Jamtown props - The Howdy Band! He produces the Northwest Folklife ‘Rhythm Tent’ Stage since 2004 and teaches hand drum classes weekly. Check out the new virtual FAM JAM Challenge program – a ‘found sound’ music adventure for the whole family – and find other programs and Jamtown® award-winning, fair trade products for sale at Follow JamtownLive rhythm events and travel adventures at Instagram/JamtownLive, FB/JamtownLive.

Location: Seattle, Washington USA