Jim Boneau

Jim BoneauJim Boneau is a facilitator, teacher, speaker, author and leadership coach who has a passion for igniting the development of professionals who are committed to the development of others. Jim believes that authenticity, pushing edges, looking at the big picture and continuous self-learning are essential elements for group development.

Jim has continually lived these values in his 30 years of group facilitation. After achieving success in corporate America, Jim participated in his first VMC Hawaii Playshop in 2000. Since then, Jim has become Arthur Hull’s partner in the delivery of VMC trainings. Jim co-leads the Hawaii Playshop with Arthur, along with other International 10 day programs, focusing as he always does on mentoring and the art of group process facilitation.

As a Drum Circle Facilitator, Jim is busy in his community in Seattle leading circles at the World Rhythm Festival and the Northwest Folklife Festival. Jim uses rhythm as a community building facilitator in both his professional and personal life.

Jim is the founder of The Rumble Group, his business providing professional development services as a facilitator and coach. Jim's methodology and background can be found in his book, The Rumble Zone, Leadership Strategies in the Rough & Tumble of Change. His client list includes GE, Microsoft, Corning, Qualcomm, Unity3D, AACC and other organizations striving to improve their leadership effectiveness.

Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Website: jimboneaufacilitates.com
Email: jim@therumblegroup.com